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Flourish Bakery

A family-owned business that started with one client, no financial backing and a tiny premises inside an old brewery. Not much has changed since then. They are  still an artisan bakery, but are  lucky enough to count Michelin-starred restaurants, five-star hotels, authentic food markets, cafés and stores as customer.

The Bread factory

In 1993, founder Gail Stephens decided to turn back the clock on industrialised baking practices and bake bread as it used to be baked: by hand, using quality ingredients and time-worn artisanal methods.

Over 25 years on since their  founding, they still strongly believe in that original mission—giving more people better access to the best-quality baked goods.

Spier Salads

In the 70’s, Spier Salads founder Ben's mum ran a fantastically successful one woman catering business from her own kitchen providing wonderful dishes ahead of their time from top quality ingredients. 50 years on they are still as committed than ever to  creating salads with complementary flavours and textures - intestinal anti-depressants (not scientifically proven!) - incorporating family tricks, recipes, secrets.

Curious Roo

Edwin and Magda, husband and wife, founded an independent small bath roastery that sources speciality grade coffee from origins all around the world. Alongside this amazing roastery, they also founded their Artisan Coffee School which helps our fantastic trainees gain their SCA qualification in barista skills and speciality coffee.